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Dear Pharmacist,

Greetings from AstraZeneca India!

We salute you for your support for patients, in the tough times that the country is facing today. We are proud to partner with you in delivering the life-changing medicines.

It has been our constant endeavour, to connect with our retail partners and share the developments. One such initiative is providing communication services that pertain to updates on the approved & promoted Astrazeneca products and disease area, pricing ,new launch info and approved latest update relevant to you as a pharmacist.

If you wish to receive these updates and enrol yourself in a pharmacist education program, kindly click on 'I agree' option providing your consent to receive regular updates from AstraZeneca India. You will have the choice to opt-out from these updates  when you no longer wish to receive them.

Your's Sincerely,

Astra Zeneca Team